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Bericht van de provider

Date Created
04/12/2004 02:07 PM

Starting Yesterday morning we have been victim of a very large SYN flood coming to port 80 of our URL forwarding clusters. The attack is hitting both our east and west coast facilities and is causing bottlenecks to be reached on our IP circuits and the hosts themselves. We have been working diligently with our providers to filter out the garbage and keep everything online. Up to this point we have seen very few timeouts, but we do realize things are running a bit slow. We are applying filters to our upstream links as well as adding a few hosts into the cluster to help with the load.

Please be patient as we mitigate this attack.

Customer Care

Dit was het bericht van mijn provider...

Nou, dit is een beetje waarom 3dhype ook niet zo lekker toegankelijk is. Voor de mensen die via het domein kunnen komen is er gelukkig een oplossing. Someteen gaat er een e-mail uit naar iedereen waarin het IP adres staat: